Whiff N Sniff launched in 2019, but our founder, developed a passion for candle making long before that. She was a long time sufferer of migraines headaches, tried every treatment out there for relief, subtle & drastic ones, with only holistic candles giving her a sense of relief. She started to pay attention to the labels & ingredients of the candles she was habitually utilizing. To her dismay, all the candles she was purchasing were made with paraffin & beeswax, with very small traces of the good stuff - soy wax. She learned that all these top brand name candles were releasing toxic fumes & carcinogens.
Instantly, she began to research how to make cleaner, safer, and purer candles. She came up with a clean & effective recipe, mastered it, and Whiff N Sniff was born! Today, our vegan candles are the best on the market! But, please don’t take our word. See for yourself!