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Purchasing a quality candle is the first step. Proper maintenance is the next, which is what ensures your candle burns to its fullest potential & delivers an undeniably potent fragrance.


1.) Always trim your wick. It is pertinent that wicks remain ¼ inch throughout the duration of its entire burn to yield the best results. Wicks longer than ¼ inch will result in tall, wide, smoky flames that burn candles too fast, and alter fragrance results. Our candles wicks arrive ¼ inch so just maintain that length.

Our wick cutters are made specifically for our cotton wicks. They'll be available very soon!


2.) Burn between 2-4 hours. Burning for a minimum of 2 hours will ensure an even melted top layer wax pool. Less than 2 hours of burning will result in only the center of the candle burning with the edges remaining, known as tunneling. Burning for longer than 4 hours can cause the wick to lose it shape or the container to even break.


3.) Part ways when ½ inch of wax remains. Our candles are amazing, but know when to let them go. If there’s ½ inch of wax left, then it’s safe to say it’s time to place a new order with Whiff N Sniff.

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Our long stemmed butane lighter is a must have candle accessory for candle lover. Stop burning your fingers with regular lighters & matches, and get yours today!


4.) Burn on a level surface. Not only will is it safer, but it ensures a leveled candle throughout the entirety of the burn.

Pick up our Candle Kit & get that safe, balanced, leveled surface, plus you can keep all your candle supplies in one place!


5.) Don’t blow out flame. Blowing the flame will likely result in the ash getting caught in the wax. In order for your candle to remain clean, simply put your candle out with our snuffer. Sure, you can use your candle lid, but the flame may leave a mark on the lid. To avoid any flame discoloration to your lid, a snuffer is your best option. It enables you the ability to re-use your jar with just a steps.

Our heat resistant snuffers are the perfect candle accessories. They’re coming very soon!


6.) Don’t disturb flame. This includes vents, fans, windows or any surges of air or heat. Pretty much anything that causes the flame to waver fits in this category, as they all disturb the flame and can cause the flame to burn the jar or leave ash residue in the melted wax pool.


So now you've got the tools to get the most out of your Whiff N Sniff Candles.

Apply each & every preceding tip and you're guaranteed amazing burn results!

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